About Me

About Me


My name is Matteo Zenini and while I am many things I am first and foremost someone who loves making movies. Whether it is writing, directing, crafting an idea for screen or being a technical asset for the project such as a camera operator or a camera assistant. It all comes down to express my love towards filmmaking, art and fiction.

Have a look around the website. There are videos, pictures and projects that I think will help you to show my passion, creativity and skills.

I may or I may not be another of those filmmaker who knows how to do everything. The truth is. Everything I do. I do it out of fucking passion and I love it!

I moved to London five years ago after achieving a Bachelor degree in Cinema Studies. I often delight myself making videos for my you tube channel. Videos that most of the time end up to be an expression of my most weird inner self which I also find difficult to understand.  I have being studying music and learned to play violin for six years all the while working as a video maker for Advertising Agencies covering all the major aspects of a video project from filming to final output.

I am currently, working, practicing and studying the art of Steadicam. You can find some of my recent works here

Feel free to get in touch through the link below


Picture courtesy of Agnieszka Owczarek